Mark DaVia's Open Track Experience

Mark DaVia's Open Track Experience

Unlimited Track Time, No Waiting, No Hassles!

Are you tired of waiting all day for your 20 minutes of track time?

After spending years attending the typical Driver Education events, I was looking for more from my Track Budget. A day at the track costs much more than the $225 fee, but all I was getting was a little over an Hour of track time!! And that was if the run wasn’t Black Flagged!

Do the math: The typical DE event is $225 and you get a little over an hour on the track. The rest of the expenses of going to the track don’t vary much. You’re still spending money on tires, brakes, fuel, travel costs, hotels, food, etc. So why not get the MOST TRACK TIME FOR YOUR MONEY?

Our events are Open Track! What that means to you is unlimited access to the track during the day! No waiting for your run session! No lines to sit in before getting released onto the track. No hassles from annoying club members! Event regeistration is per car and events are limited to a small, select number of cars. You can have more than one Driver per car, the pricing stays the same!

OTE is Test and Tune and Driver Coach freindly. It is the ideal format to work on your car set-up or work on your driving technique!


Mar 28-29 Mon-Tue - Carolina Motorsports Park
May 24-25 Tue-Wed - NJMP Thunderbolt
Aug 01-02 Mon-Tue - VIR Full Course
Sep 13-14 Tue-Wed - NJMP Lightning Tue / Thunderbolt Wed.

Cars of all kinds are welcome, but we encourage only Advanced Drivers due to the fast pace and Open Track format!